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The definition of a rant is to speak or shout at length, in a wild, impassioned way.


I dedicate this composition to the people of Puerto Rico and to all those who might feel forgotten or oppressed. This piece is representative of the chaos that currently surrounds us both in this country and around the world. Whether it be social media, TV, or your basic build-board down the highway, I feel there is a lot of noise. We are talking at each other and not to each other. We’ve all heard someone, so impassioned with their own point of view, that they get lost in their own labyrinth of words. Unfortunately, when this happens, it’s nearly impossible to untangle the meaning.


This piece was inspired during hurricane Maria when I heard all the politicians blaming one another for lack of action rather than working together and putting the noise aside. The Rant personifies the feeling I had while I saw my own family struggling in Puerto Rico. I hope you can find your peace within the chaos of this world.

Rant (score)

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